How to Purchase a car out of state:
    Do I have to come in person to do the paperwork?

You are more than welcome to fly up here and visit the great northwest but you don’t need to. We can do the entire transaction over phone, email and UPS.  Here is how the process works:

1st - Choose your vehicle – ask us for the Carfax, inspection reports, video walk arounds, whatever you need to feel comfortable with your purchase.

2nd - Secure your vehicle – You can secure your vehicle with a credit card over the phone.

3rd - Sign your purchase order – We will email you a copy of your purchase order. You will sign it, fax it or email it back to us.

4th - Receive your UPS – We will UPS all of your paperwork including purchase order, odometer disclosure, title applications, finance contracts (if applicable), warranty paperwork, etc. Simply sign where indicated and return the paperwork to us in the enclosed pre-paid envelope.

5th - Pay for your vehicle. You can pay the remainder of your balance due by sending us a cashiers check in the return UPS envelope or by sending a bank wire.

6th - Ship you vehicle – Once your vehicle is paid for, we will arrange the transport of the vehicle to your location. It will arrive via insured transport truck.

How much time does it take for me to get my car?

The whole process takes less than 3 days to send and receive paperwork and payment. It usually takes 1-2 days to ship cars to the west coast and 4-7 days to ship cars to the east coast. Hawaii and Alaska clients will receive their vehicles via ship and this process takes 1-2 weeks.

How do I know the car isn’t a piece of crap without seeing it first?

Good Question! It can be scary purchasing a car sight unseen. Ebay Motors has made out of state vehicle purchasing an every day occurrence.  We have several safeguards built into our sales process that go beyond Ebay Motors:

1) All our cars have clean titles. We never sell salvage vehicles.

2) We post the carfax for every vehicle on our inventory page. You can see the car’s detailed carfax report which would list any accidents as well as service records.

3) Our service department perform pre-purchase inspections on all of our vehicles. We will email you a copy of that report along with receipts for any service that was performed on the vehicle.

4) Photos/Video – We upload between 30-60 photos of every vehicle.  If you need more photos, we are happy to accommodate. We can also do a video walk around and point out any “defects” we see on the vehicle. We can start the car and you can listen to the engine.  Please call or email us if you would like this service.

5) Warranties- We offer a complimentary 90 day drive train warranty on all our out of state vehicles.  We also sell extended warranties for up to 4-5 years for these vehicles for total peace of mind.

How do I know the car is in good mechanical condition.

As mentioned above, our service department inspects every vehicle. Since we specialize in these diesel VWs, they know what to look for. Beside the normal safety inspection, our techs also inspect the electrical system, cooling system, exhaust system, timing belt, injection pump, etc. They also do a computerized scan of each car with our VagCom software which will let us know if there are any stored or pending trouble codes in any of the vehicle’s systems.  We also know which years and models have specific defects to watch out for like camshaft wear, injection pump leakage, transmission issues, flywheel noise, etc.

How’s the car going to get here?

We are members of Central Dispatch, a nationwide trucking network. We ship these vehicles on licensed and insured transport trucks.  We will provide you with the name of the trucking company, their phone number and insurance info.  The trucker will call you with an estimated delivery time.

What does it cost?

Here are the current shipping costs from Seattle: (subject to change)
-to the Bay Area - $400
-to southern California - $500
-to Arizona/Southwest - $600
-to Montana - $400
-to Idaho - $300-350
-to Colorado $600
-to the Midwest $700-$900
-to east coast including New York and Florida $1000

Shipping charges can be affected seasonally so we encourage you to call or email us for an exact quote to your area.

How do I pay for it?

You are welcome to put up to $3000 on a credit card. We accept visa and mastercard.  We cannot accept the entire payment on credit card due to high fees.  The balance can be paid for by bank wire (we will send you our wiring instructions), cashier’s check, or loan check/draft.

Can I do financing if I’m out of state?

Definitely. You can apply for financing over the phone or online at our secured credit application:

We work with clients of all credit levels from 500-800+. We strive to provide our clients with the LOWEST rates available.  Our banks understand the popularity of diesels and their high market values so we can usually get our clients the best terms and rates available. If you would like to use your own bank or credit union, we can definitely accommodate that as well.

What if I get the car and there’s a problem?

We do everything in our power to prevent this with our thorough inspections, service and independent inspections -  but a car is still a machine and subject to malfunctions at any time.  That is way we provide a 3 month warranty through ACSC which is good at any repair shop nationwide.  If your issue falls under the warranty guidelines, then the repair costs will be covered 100%.  If you have a small issue with your car that is not under warranty, we are happy to get any needed parts for you at wholesale.  We strive to provide excellent customer service so don’t hesitate to call us and we will assist you in any way we can.

Can I do a trade-in if we’re not in the same state?

Of course. If you are in any state but Oregon, a trade in will reduce your sales tax liability.  We have a trade in appraisal for that we will have you complete along with uploading photos of your vehicle.  Here is a link to that form:

After receiving your completed form, our used car buyer will give you a trade in value.  If it works for you then we will pick up your vehicle when we deliver your tdi.  You are also welcome to sell the vehicle on your own if that works better for you.

Can I purchase an extended warranty for the vehicle?

We sell extended warranties both drive train and comprehensive for all of our vehicles. Depending on the age and mileage, you can purchase a 1-5 year extended warranty. The warranties are provided by ACSC and it is good at any repair shop nationwide.  There is no deductible and rental car allowance and roadside assistance is also included.  Here is more info on our extended warranties:

Purchasing a warranty will give you peace of mind with your pre-owned vehicle. Think of it like health insurance for your car – you hope that you don’t have to use it, but it is really nice knowing that you are covered and buffered from expensive repairs.