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tdi motorsWe specialize in Volkswagen Camper Vans, both the Vanagon Westfalia and the Eurovan Camper. Check our used cars inventory. These are primarily 1985-2003 Volkswagen camper vans We can obtain any VW Camper Van that our clients are looking for and deliver it to any state. All of our vehicles are CarFax certified and many of them are one owner vehicles. We make sure that every vehicle is inspected & certified by our VWl technicians. We service our vehicles thoroughly and strive to offer the best vehicles possible. We can customize any of our vans to order and we offer all of the Go Westy line of products and accessories. In addition, we offer financing and extended warranties. Over 50% of our clients are from out of state and we know how to make the out of state buying process smooth and seemless.


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Our competitive advantage is our straight forward, integrity oriented atmosphere and treatment of our customers. We deliver superior value by offering professional, friendly and fun service at a competitive price. We are deeply committed to every single customer that walks through our doors, calls us on the phone, or submits a request online. We want every client to feel satisfied and excited about buying their TDi from us, that’s why we are here to answer all of your questions and address any concerns that you may have.  Give us a call today  and find out why most TDI shoppers choose us!

Thinking of running Biodiesel?

With all the new biofuel stations springing up, biofuels are a great alternative to burning petroleum based diesel. Biodiesel is a great solvent which will clean out your entire fuel system. Your vehicle may have a lot of sludge in your fuel tank/system built up over the years from running diesel fuel. Biodiesel will dissolve the diesel residue; if there’s enough, it may clog your fuel filter. The symptom of fuel filter clogging is a power loss; you put your foot on the accelerator pedal, and the vehicle responds very slowly or will only go up to 30 m.p.h. on the freeway. If your car has been running on petroleum diesel for many years, we recommend changing your fuel filter 2 months after switching to biodiesel. This should catch the filter clogging early enough before you have power loss. Keep an extra fuel filter in your vehicle, learn how to change it, and be prepared.


A few notable differences about running a TDI:

It’s obvious that a diesel engine is different from a gas engine. However, that does mean there are certain things that people do need to be aware of when they own a diesel for the first time. Main thing, (obvious but VERY important) is to ALWAYS make sure you pump diesel in the car. This may take a bit of effort to remember in the beginning, but even as time goes on, always remember this, especially on those crazy days where your mind will go into “auto” mode, and even more so for the households that have a mix of diesel and gas vehicles.
Since a diesel engine has glow plugs instead of spark plugs, there is another difference. Glow plugs need to warm up and the warm up time varies. Typically the TDi models have a spiral or swirl light that will stay on while the plugs are warming up, and automatically turn off when they are warm. The TDi (especially the newer ones) usually warm up fairly quickly, and sometimes you won’t even see the light flash on. In colder weather, it could make the glow plugs take a few seconds or so longer to warm up.
One does not want to start up the vehicle before the glow plugs have warmed up, and on the same token, one does not want to wait too long after the glow plugs have warmed up to turn the ignition all the way and actually start the engine (you run the risk of damaging the engine by doing so). If it’s been more than 30 seconds since the lights went off, turn the ignition back to 0, then start over again, allowing the glow plugs to warm up prior to starting.
Since TDi has a turbocharged engine, they produce a significant amount of heat. They are also designed to have the oil be the cooler, therefore in a TDi one must use fully synthetic motor oil for changes as it is capable of withstanding the temperature produced by a TDI’s turbocharger. Typically fully synthetic oil doesn’t need to be changed as often as a blend (every 5,000 miles vs. every 3,000 miles respectively), however that is up to the owner. Some choose to continue changing the oil every 3,000 miles, while others allow it to go every 5,000.

Biodiesel Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I thought a conversion was needed to run Biodiesel?
A: There is no conversion needed to run Biodiesel it is a completely interchangeable fuel with diesel. A conversion is needed if you want to run your vehicle on straight or waste vegetable oil.
Q: What do I need to do in order to switch to Biodiesel?
A: Once you have a diesel vehicle all you need to do is go to a Biodiesel Fueling station and fill up. However, Biodiesel is a very good solvent. Because of this it will clean diesel deposits and rust off of your fuel tank and fuel lines. All of these deposits will end up in your fuel filter. It is recommended that you replace your fuel filter after 2-3 months of operation on Biodiesel. Once all the petroleum diesel deposits and rust are removed from your fuel system you will only need to replace your filter during scheduled maintenance.
Q: Will Biodiesel dissolve my fuel lines?
A: Biodiesel is a great solvent and it will degrade natural rubber fuel lines, which are sometimes found in older vehicles. All newer cars have synthetic rubber fuel lines, which have no problem transferring Biodiesel. If you have an older vehicle and run Biodiesel you can determine if you have natural rubber fuel lines because the lines will appear to be sweating after a few weeks of use. Simply replace your fuel lines with synthetic rubber ones and your vehicle is ready to go.
Q: Will Biodiesel work in cold weather?
A: Biodiesel like petrol-diesel will gel in cold temperatures. Pure Biodiesel is not recommended for use below freezing. B20 has basically the same cloud point as #2 Diesel and can be used in similar weather conditions using similar fuel management techniques. B5 has virtually no impact on cold weather flow.
Q: Will Biodiesel affect my fuel economy?
A: Many people claim that Biodiesel will increase your fuel economy by 5%. It is possible that this is true due to higher lubricity and a higher BTU content than #1 Diesel fuel. We have no data to back these claims. Generally speaking Biodiesel offers you the same power, consumption, horsepower, torque, and hauling rates as conventional diesel only with far less environmental consequences.